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Clarity consulting is founded upon the need for deep clarity within an organization or company and its employees. It is upon that clarity that a culture is formed which leads to creative growth and resilience in the employees and projects.

What a system can expect to gain through utilizing Clarity Consulting is a defined understanding of who they are, and why they do what they do.

This is very empowering as they move forward intentionally. The “who” allows them to build a culture that their team can rally around and create a 1+1=3 environment. The “why” drives them towards their highest and best use and enables them to define their “what”, and not vice versa.

If this speaks to you or if you wish to learn more about how Clarity Consulting can enhance your team, reach out for a consultation!


About The Founder

Rabbi Yarden Blumstein has spent the past 13 years working in a variety of systems within the nonprofit world, specializing in people facing roles, managing teams, and consulting within diverse committees. During this professional journey, Yarden has studied and tested different models and management systems, as he fine-tuned his own approach to building sustained success.

In addition, Yarden has coached several hundred people in both their professional and personal lives, facilitated conflict resolution discussions and consulted for school systems. He has given countless presentations, led think tanks on a wide range of topics, is an expert team builder and a creative problem solver.